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You need to know the types of Kentucky health insurance available before gathering Kentucky health insurance quotes. Generally, there are two types of insurance plans: indemnity plans and managed care plans.

Indemnity plans or fee-for-service provide more freedom to the policy holder while the managed care plan limits the person to a group of health care providers. The managed care type is the more popular Kentucky health insurance plan because it is way cheaper than the indemnity plan.

Indemnity plans allow policy holders to choose their own doctors and health care providers. Most insurance companies charge a deductible before they start paying out. If you want to get an idea of Kentucky health insurance quotes for indemnity plans, the insurer normally pays for 80% of the package services while the policy holder pays for 20%. Indemnity plans pay for tests, prescriptions, doctors, and hospital fees. However, they do not include preventive checkups in the package.

Managed care plans have a more limited scope when it comes to choice of health care providers. Managed care plans are cheap health insurance options but make sure to check the list of their health care providers and see if they fit your needs.

The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) requires policy holders to pick an HMO physician who manages all your health concerns. This means that you cannot contact a specialist or proceed to the emergency room without clearance from your HMO physician. HMO is the cheapest of the Kentucky health insurance quotes because you do not need to pay anything when you visit your doctor.

Another managed care plan is the Preferred Provider Organization or PPO. The insurer will let you choose among the preferred providers. Unlike HMO, PPO package will require you to pay co-payment if you see your PPO doctor.

If you choose to see a doctor outside the PPO network, you will pay the difference between the cost of your outside doctor and what the plan will pay. You will also pay co-insurance and you have to meet the deductibles. This may be more expensive than other health insurance quotes but PPO affords more freedom than HMO.

The Point-of-Service (POS) plan is borderline indemnity plan. The insurer will make you choose a resident physician who will handle your needs while giving you the option of seeking outside services, usually with added cost.

Starters can seek online health insurance quotes for easy browsing. Insurance companies post Kentucky health insurance quotes online for the future policyholder’s convenience.

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